Dinner Menu


Dinner Menu

Panko crumbed calamari rings      17
chipotle aioli
Smoked salmon tartines    18
mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, garden pesto 
Sticky buffalo wings    15
scallions, drizzle of spicy smoked barbecue sauce
Flash-fried prawns (5)      22
chilli, lemon & parsley, garlic toast points
Sautéed chorizo with red wine     16
garlic, onion, honey, crouton
Tortilla with rocket & parmesan     14
omelette of onion, potato, peppers
Roasted spiced aubergine      15
grilled baguette
Cobb salad with red wine vinaigrette     16
avocado, blue cheese, romaine lettuce, hard cooked egg, tomato, bacon
Caesar salad      16
romaine lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, egg, croutons
French fries    6
Onion rings    8
Seasoned wedges    10
Garlic bread     7

Garlic butter salmon      30
spinach, tomato, green beans & fennel, basmati rice
Cajun jambalaya        30
Cajun inspired rice pot recipe with spicy chorizo, chicken, prawns
Canteena lamb biryani         28
slow cooked curried lamb, basmati pilaf, egg, dried fruits, cumin raita & Indian roti
Black Angus sirloin steak 8 oz.        38
mushroom in white wine, vegetable of the day
Choice of sauce: garlic butter, shiraz jus, blue cheese & onion, cognac pepper corn
Grilled Black Angus sirloin steak 8 oz. & blackened prawns in creamy sauce       40
grilled tomato, vegetable of the day
Grilled chicken breast       28
White wine, maille mustard, pesto, cream, swiss cheese, vegetable of the day
Chicken & prawn carbonara     26
Linguine, pancetta, egg, herb crumbs, pecorino
Vegetable biryani      24
basmati rice, mixed vegetable, cottage cheese, cumin yoghurt, egg, tomato & cucumber salsa
Aubergine linguine arrabbiata      24
tomato, chillies, garlic, herb crumbs, pecorino

Kids Menu
Kids schnitzel burger with french fries      14
lettuce & mayonnaise
Kids cheese burger with french fries     14
lettuce & mayonaisse
Kids chicken schnitzel with french fries     12
Kids fish with french fries         12

Please check with server for the vegetable of the day